Co-op prescription service delivers direct to your door in Stamford

  Posted: 29.06.20 at 12:58 by The Editor

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Stamford residents can now take advantage of a service offered by the Co-op to get their prescriptions delivered direct to their door at no extra cost.

Though the service is a permanent one going forward, it is particularly important during this crisis time of social distancing guidelines.

The simple-to-use process has been designed by the Co-op as part of its commitment to helping local communities.

Tim Davies, Managing Director of Co-op Health, says: “We know that people are concerned about accessing their repeat medication prescriptions and we want to reassure people that we can deliver repeat medication safely and conveniently to homes across the UK if they would prefer not to travel to a pharmacy.”

Many people aren’t aware that they can manage their repeat medication online but the service is quick and easy.

Nub News reporter Neil Speight, who requires regular medication to manage his Type Two diabetes, tried out the system this week – and within a few days had his prescription delivered direct to his door.

He says: “To be honest I was a little sceptical and I am a bit of a technophobe, but I found it pretty easy to use and it all went very smoothly.

“In the past I have sometime forgotten I have prescriptions waiting at the local pharmacy and I am sure it doesn’t help them either to have packets of pills clogging up their shelves. This way the system is very streamlined.

“All I did was download the Co-op’s free app and then follow the guidelines.

"It’s all authenticated by the NHS and your details are secure.

"You are requested to upload a facial proof of identity. I used my passport and it was as simple as taking a picture of the page with my picture on.

“Once you’re logged in once, it’s automatic and the NHS system picks up what medication you are prescribed, checks with your doctor and if the surgery says OK the Co-op does the rest.

"My prescript came in the post.

"I am sure this will prove to be a massive boost to a lot of people who struggle to get out to a pharmacy, even when the coronavirus lockdown ends.

“And, if you need prescriptions even quicker, a significant number of Co-op stores are also able to hold your prescription for collection.

"Bearing in mind they are open a lot longer than most pharmacies, it’s another positive.

"The app will even tell you where the nearest Co-op that offers the service is.”

You can download the app by clicking the download button found here

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