Photo gallery: Former New College Stamford student's toddler son star of the silver screen

  Posted: 30.06.20 at 14:44 by The Editor

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Coronavirus lockdown has given people more time to pursue their pastimes from knitting to gardening, but a former New College Stamford photography student has taken his passion to a fun new level.

Gary Oliver took a sneaky snapshot of his 18-month-old son Teddy and has superimposed the toddler onto a series of iconic scenes from famous movies.

Gary, who lives in Grantham, told Stamford Nub News: "The original photo was me playing with Teddy and giving him a cape.

"I took the photo when he was turned away and saw that his pose had something about it.

"That's when the idea popped into my head about manipulating the image into scenes from films.

"Initially it was Star Wars, but then I just kept going.

"The scenes are from films I love, but also best match the composition of the image.

"I wanted them to obviously be fake, but still have a sense of realism to them...much like the imagination of a child."

Gary used Adobe Photoshop software from his days at New College Stamford.

"There's a fair few elements to ensure the images look realistic, such as scale and colour, to make Teddy seem natural in the scene.

"I enjoy playing around with photos and video and it's a way for me to practice skills as well as make something personal to me and Teddy.

"Something we can frame and keep," added Gary.

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