Burghley House Princess Diana Memorial Garden sculpture damaged

  Posted: 25.03.19 at 11:45 by The Editor

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The centrepiece sculpture in Burghley House's Princess Diana Memorial Garden was damaged over the weekend.

Coping stones surrounding the piece, installed shortly after the Princess of Wales' death following a car crash in Paris in 1997, were discovered broken off and smashed.

Jo Tinker, marketing and communications manager, told Stamford Nub News this morning: "There was some damage to the coping stones around the edge over the weekend.
"This was picked up by our building services team on social media.

"The damage is being repaired as we speak by our estate stonemasons and it will be back to its former glory by the end of the day."

The sculpture is at the heart of the memorial garden which is open to the public and planted with trees by local people in memory of both Princess Diana and their own loved ones.

Photo: Twitter @zulunineteen

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