Runner who tracked down lost labrador to be hailed Hero of the Week

  Posted: 11.04.19 at 11:00 by The Editor

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Stamfordian Steve Morris, who tracked down lost labrador Murphy, is to be hailed as Rutland Radio's Hero of the Week.

Steve's interview about his dogged determination to find the family pet with presenter Rob Persani will feature on the weekly 8.35am radio station slot tomorrow.

Rob told Stamford Nub News: "In accepting the award Steve pointed out that many other people had helped in the search.

"We feature a lot of lost and found pets and its great to have such a happy ending."

Steve was out running with his wife Louise and brother Wayne on Sunday lunchtime when he first spotted the lost eight-year-old dog on the outskirts of Greatford.

They didn't know it at the time, but black labrador Murphy had escaped from kennels while his owner Tina and her family, from Thurlby, were away for the weekend.

Initially, the trio thought someone was in trouble and their dog had run off, but two men searching for Murphy put them in the picture.

They spent three hours trying to track down the runaway before returning home.

But back in Stamford Steve and Louise, who have two Jack Russell terriers Patch and Hollie, couldn't shake off their concerns for the lost labrador.

They posted on social media and that night Steve drove around villages where Murphy had been sighted.

On Monday morning Steve was out again before heading to work and took an early lunch break to resume his search.

He told Stamford Nub News on Monday: "It was strange, I was so determined to find him, I was sure I would.

"I was driving into Wilsthorpe and, incredibly, there he was. I got out of the car and called his name, but he walked off in the opposite direction. I didn't want to scare him by chasing after him and then a lady came up asking if it was Murphy - she was helping to look for him too - and we managed to keep him in a field and phoned his owner."

Tina's partner Kev Munslow arrived in double-quick time and trained gundog Murphy came over when he blew a whistle.

"It was fantastic to see the two of them reunited - they were both delighted to see each other. There were a few tears and cuddles. I patted Murphy and got a lick in return. It was an extremely happy ending," added Steve.

Owner Tina said she is 'externally grateful' for Steve's help, adding: "We are absolutely overwhelmed by the support received by people like Steve, who didn't know us or Murphy."

It wasn't the first time Steve rescued a runaway hound - he tracked down Hollie when she escaped from doggy daycare two years ago.

Police continue to appeal for witnesses and anyone who recognises burglars on CCTV....