Ketton journalist publishes first book on superbike rider

  Posted: 16.09.20 at 12:14 by The Editor

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A Ketton-based freelance journalist has published his first book about the life of British champion Superbike and Moto GP rider Michael Rutter.

John McAvoy, who also runs a motorcycle recruitment firm, came up with the idea because Michael, who lives in Shropshire, has been a good of his for more than 20 years.

John told Nub News: "There’s always been a running disagreement between us that despite all his international success at motorcycle racing, he doesn’t see anything special or interesting about his life, whereas, like many others, I do.

"All too often he would start telling me a story about a particular race, or competitor that to him is just normal, but would make hairs on the back of my neck stand up, so I would pull his leg about writing them all down."

Racing is in Michael's blood as his dad Tony Rutter, who died earlier this year, was a multiple world champion in the 80’s.

John continued: "Michael grew up travelling around with his dad to all the races. That combined with Michaels own rise to the greats of the modern era, and very few people who has won in road racing (Isle of Man TT) and short circuit racing, just seemed too obvious to me for a story to be told."

Michael Rutter

"Compared to most people that turn pro and compete at elite level, his is an especially interesting and unique story. Plus, as a writer of magazine article and reviews, for me personally to write a book has always been my “Everest”.

"The stars just lined up at he start of 2019, and we started putting it all down. Michael's dyslexic, so all his input had to be verbal, and I did a lot of research fill in the blanks and details that he forgot until we ended up with something we are both really proud of."

The book was self-published earlier this year and John decided to self-publish the book instead of using a publisher as it was his first book and he wanted complete editorial and creative control.

However, this does mean that the biography is unlikely to be in major outlets like WH Smith or Waterstones, though it can be bought through Amazon, John is best pleased that Stamford retailer Walkers is stocking it.

He continued: "It helps that Michael has a significant fan base, that we’ve been lucky enough to distribute it ourselves via his website as well as through motorcycle retailers and independent bookshops, like Walkers of Stamford.

Michael Rutter

John added: "They’ve taken the book on for us to support a local author and are the only retailer in the area that stock it. I got theirs all signed by Michael too."

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