Second Helpings plays host to special guests

  Posted: 19.03.19 at 20:08 by Keith Busfield

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Second Helpings' Saturday lunchtime café at Barn Hill Methodist Church hall played host to some very special guests last Saturday.

Some of the leading people in The Methodist Church joined over 116 other people for a scrummy lunch.

President Revd Michaela A Youngson and Bala Gnanapragasam, vice-president of The Methodist Church, plus the chair of the Northampton Methodist District Revd Helen Cameron, rubbed shoulders with other guests in a packed café.

Second Helpings Stamford, part of the national Real Junk Food Project, was set up three years ago to stop surplus food from going to waste.

In thanking the team and local Minister Revd Andy Fyall, Helen Cameron said: “Second Helpings was mentioned to everyone wherever the president and vice president went, including the Lord Mayor of Leicester when he hosted us for breakfast in the Mayor’s parlour.” News travels both far and fast!

Each week the Saturday lunchtime café feeds around 100 people, providing a friendly environment where people can come together to eat, to chat and to put the world to rights.

The café is run by a team of volunteers who turn rescued food into delicious, nutritious meals that are available to all diners on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis – your choice is to donate whatever value you feel your food is worth and this can be in the form of money or time.

Week in, week out, there’s a three-course lunch served with vegetarian options. The menu changes every time as the chefs have the added challenge of not knowing what key ingredients will be available to cook with until the collections from local suppliers. Tasty meals vary from vegetarian options to Moroccan chicken, cottage pie and pheasant casserole.

Every mouth fed results in less landfill. This has all added up to the weight of food saved being the equivalent of two London buses. Or put another way, it is saving eight hours’ worth of electricity used by an average household in Stamford, with the added bonus of a cleaner air for all of us.

Globally the world wastes over 30% of all food production, whether it’s through crops being left unharvested, packaging being damaged, vegetables being the “wrong shape”, sell-by dates being passed or just poor stock control of our fridges and cupboards at home.

And yet 10% of the global population goes hungry every day. The simple conclusion is that if you could redirect the potential food waste from the bin to meal-tables a major global problem today could be rapidly solved. We all have a part to play.

Volunteers are always welcome at Second Helpings, whether it is in the kitchen, clearing tables, helping in the food bunker, collecting food or stocking the community fridge.

To help, ring George on 07891 437914 or pop along to Barn Hill Methodist Church hall any Saturday lunchtime. Alternatively check out the Second Helpings page on Facebook or the soon to be launched website.

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