Shakespeare Theatre Company actress breaks a leg...literally

  Posted: 03.05.19 at 12:39 by The Editor

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The age-old theatrical good luck message ‘break a leg’ came painfully true for Stamford Shakespeare Company actress Angela Harris.

Angela fell at home after slipping - on a lipstick - breaking her ankle just before rehearsals got underway for the company's production of Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit.

Marketing and theatre manager David Fensom told Stamford Nub News: "I received the horrible phone call from Angela at the beginning of March to say she had bent down to pick up a broken lipstick, slipped on part of it, broken her ankle and was in a plaster cast.

"She is playing Madame Arcati, a role she's always wanted to perform for years, so undaunted by her injury she attended rehearsals and was pushed around in a wheelchair.

"The plaster cast came off just before Easter weekend and she is now hobbling around on stage in a support boot and on two crutches.

"Cast members have been hugely supportive, picking her up and dropping her home again."
The theatre company had to come up with a contingency plan in case Angela was unable to take to the stage for the production.

"Annie de Kremer, the rehearsal prompt and Angela's understudy, started learning the lines in earnest in case she had to step in to replace her.

"While the wardrobe mistress made a second costume for Annie - Angela is four feet nothing and Annie is six feet tall, so there was no possibility of her wearing the same one," adds David.

Blithe Spirit opening night is on July 9 and it now looks likely that Angela will be able to perform.

David says: "Her consultant has said the boot should come off by the end of June and she will be able to walk unaided.

"It's cutting it a bit fine, but Angela is a true trooper, very determined and she will be fabulous in the role.

"Of course, the most important thing is that she gets better."

Blithe Spirit runs for two weeks in July and another two weeks in August.

For more information and to book tickets for all this season's Stamford Shakespeare Company productions at Tolethorpe Hall - Blithe Spirit, Julius Caesar and Twelfth Night - visit the website by clicking the red button below.

Photo courtesy of Stamford Shakespeare Company

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