SKDC planners back £5M Aldi store for Stamford

  Posted: 16.09.20 at 16:55 by The Editor

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Aldi has won the support of council planning staff with its revised proposals for a supermarket off Uffington Road, Stamford.

The growing supermarket chain will have its proposals determined by the planning committee of South Kesteven District Council when it meets later this month.

Councillors will consider the 'full' application on September 30 as the 1,881M2 store and parking is considered a 'major application.'

The application site located north of Uffington Road (A1175), on the south eastern side of Stamford, was formerly owned by FH Gilman who ran a large plant hire business from the site until 2014.

A council report, recommending approval, said: "The land is still occupied by a wide range of buildings, most of which are in an extremely poor state of repair and are of minimal architectural or historic value."

In addition to a supermarket, the proposed development will provide 141 car parking spaces including 11 parking spaces for staff parking, 6 spaces for people with disabilities and a further 6 spaces would be reserved for parents with young children. Bicycle parking will also be provided.

The report continued: "The proposed building will be located at the rear of the site with the car park in front and the delivery yard to the east. The size/form is typical of an Aldi store, contemporary in style with a mono-pitch roof and a large glazed area with the entrance at the corner of the building.

"Amended plans have been submitted showing the building incorporating large areas of natural stone, supplied from a local quarry. The cladding above the glazed areas is now proposed to be timber instead of the metal cladding, as previously suggested.

"This project represents an investment of £5m within the local economy and it is anticipated that the store will employ equivalent of 40 full time staff."

The report noted opposition from Stamford, who had concerns over access arrangements and did not believe sufficient alternative sites had been considered. They also feared impact on nearby businesses.

Council consultation saw 24 letters of support with supporters saying Aldi would bring more choice to the town, it would create jobs and the brownfield site was an eyesore that needed redevelopment. People would also be saved travelling to the Aldi's at Oakham and Peterborough. It would not compete with the town centre.

Seven letters were sent in opposition, saying Stamford has two food stores on the east of town, the scheme would make traffic levels worse and it should be sited to Stamford's west.

Summing up, council staff said an agreed masterplan, with Stamford stone, would "set the tone for a quality scheme", regenerating an undeveloped brownfield site and it would not harm town centre retailers, something it said was backed up by an independent assessor.

They continued: "The proposal would provide a quality scheme of landscaping, with the inclusion of large, imposing forest trees that will make a contribution to the area into the future and will mitigate the loss of the protected birch tree."

Furthermore, neighbouring properties would not be harmed, and there would be no significant impact on traffic and highway safety, they concluded, so conditional approval should be granted.

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