Stamford area family wants you to 'Get Pickled'

  Posted: 19.11.20 at 13:22 by The Editor

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A family of four who live near Stamford says people should "Get Pickled."

That is the name of their home business, in Easton on the Hill, which they have created to make improvements to their garden for their disabled son.

Mum Beverley Caulton told Nub News: "We have always made our own pickled onions for Christmas and such occasions.

"This is mostly due to my eldest child and hubby's need to eat them from the jar whilst watching TV. My father has always made chilli onions using a secret recipe but since starting the business I've managed to convince him to share it with me.

"We create our very own picking vinegar and peel every onion/Brussel sprout/vegetable ourselves. Even the children get involved with things, using child friendly knives. They're actually quite good at chopping now!"

Get Pickled currently offers pickled onions, chilli onions, pickled sprouts, pickled eggs, pickled cabbage, and of course beetroot.

Beverley added: "Having a disabled child means we are never far from home and so it made sense to share our products with the local area and not just friends and family. And to earn a few extra pennies to help with our plans to make our garden safe for him.

"We are currently trialling a sandwich pickle and a chutney to add to the collection."

To order, go to Facebook.

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