Stamford Diversity Festival set to rock the town on Monday

  Posted: 27.08.21 at 15:07 by The Editor

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The organisers of a diversity festival in South Kesteven expect their first event to attract people from across the district and hopefully, further afield.

The Stamford Diversity Festival will be taking place on Bank Holiday Monday on the It will take place on the Stamford Recreation Ground from 11am to 6pm.

It promises a line up of music, entertainment, arts and crafts, stalls and lots of exotic food!

Yvette Diaz-Munoz, co-ordinator of Stamford Against Racism, said: "We would love people from Stamford and around the county to consider coming along.

"The festival is part funded with a £5000 South Kesteven Community funding grant.

"The Chair of SKDC Breda-Rae Griffin will be there in all her regalia and chains.

"Leader of South Kesteven District Council Kelham Cooke has also confirmed he is coming."

Details of the bands are as follows:

*Peterborough musician Don Saunders was born in St. Vincent & the Grenadines but has lived here for over 30 years: “ In the late 90s a popular band gave me three months to learn to play the steel drum for a big concert.

"I thought it was impossible at the time but gave it my best shot and with the natural born rhythm I inherited from my Caribbean & Irish ancestors I taught myself to play the pan and the concert was a success.

"After the gig, some people said I was the “King of the Dons”, hence my stage name King Don!”

*Peterborough Steel Drums - King Don Steel Drums

Bolivian, Peterborough based musician/producer Moises Sanchez formed Latino Sound in 2010.

Latino Sound has performed at various Festivals in and around Peterborough like THE WILLOW FESTIVAL and THE GREEN MEADOWS FESTIVAL in Oundle.

They also performed live at the BBC Cambridgeshire and Peterborough FM. Currently LATINO SOUND is the resident band for the 8th consecutive year at REVOLUCION DE CUBA Norwich and REVOLUTION Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Sheffield.

(1) latinosound | Facebook

*Mellow Baku: Born to a Blues singing hippie and Trinidadian Rastafarian writer actor in London, Mellow Baku’s music shares her journey to freedom and healing.

Raised in a cult age 5, she escaped to study art., and has performed throughout the UK and internationally
for over a decade. ‘. . . An original blend of reggae soul and jazz. Superb voice, brilliant music, a must for all’ (Courtney Pine OBE)

Mellow Baku | Facebook

MUHA offers a new tradition in contemporary Eastern European music, influenced by the multicultural society in the UK, the band is a brilliant live act.

Entertaining with their musicianship through a sound stemming from eastern roots and engaging audiences through a variety of languages and catchy grooves.

Combining the melodic beauty of Eastern European folklore, North Indian Kathak rhythms, Cuban beats and original lyrics they mesmerise with a musical feast rooted in the Slavonic tradition but cultured from the

MUHA- Official

Sura Susso moved to the UK at the age of seventeen, as the percussionist in his brother’s band, the Seckou Keita Quintet. Since his arrival in the UK, Sura has performed as a solo act as well as part of collaborations, taking part in more than five hundred shows and festivals in over thirty different countries spanning every continent.

He has worked with and performed alongside renowned international musicians which include Baaba Maal, Rokia Traore, Habib Koite and Sona Jobarteh.

His quest to promote the traditional music from his cultural roots in The Gambia and his fascination with experimenting new genres have led him to perform and record in a number of interesting cross-cultural settings, including collaborations with the great British-German
violinist Maximilian Baillie, Chinese erhu player Ling Peng, Indian sitarist Purbayan Chatterjee, French jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz, South African opera singer Pumeza, Spanish-Senegalese band Africai, British multi-instrumentalist Pete Josef and an album with
the duo ‘Askew and Avis’, called Kora Song Radio.

HOME | Sura Kora Susso (

Tāla Tarang embody a special chemistry, through a subtle yin-yang of two halves creating a whole. Their repertoire includes original music, folk tunes, classic pop, Bollywood, Western Classical and World music; it is a truly unique sound experience. ​

Tāla Tarang, which means Rhythm Waves, is aptly named as it sums up everything about this duo and their music as each performance takes both audience and the artists on a journey; like the oscillations of a wave.

Eleanor met Mendi in 2014 after hearing him at a concert with other world music artists.

Since then, their friendship has grown through not only their shared love of music, but also their passion for food (Mendi always cooks a curry to fuel their rehearsals!), travelling and philosophising about family and life-changing events. All of these shared experiences deeply influence their original compositions.

Tala Tarang | Facebook

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