Vicky has her life sewn up at Two Little Birds

  Posted: 16.09.20 at 13:52 by The Editor

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A Stamford woman and a friend are creating art works using vintage taxidermy.

Seamstress Vicky Palmer and Anna Dickens have created 'Adventures in Applique', which can be found on social media, including Vicky's own {L] " target="_blank"> Two Little Birds website.

Vicky has operated her own company for ten years, after sewing for most of her life.

She grew up in Norfolk but moved to Sussex to study Theatre design after completing her art foundation course at the Norfolk Institute of Art and Design in 1990.

Vicky recalled: "I worked for several years making costumes for touring and rep theatres before working for freelancers and finally becoming self employed.

"I moved to Stamford with my husband when he was posted to Wittering where I started making bespoke wedding dresses and evening wear.

"The forces life meant numerous house moves all over the UK so by the time we found ourselves back in Stamford with two small boys, I was ready to get working again."

Two Little Birds was launched ten years ago. Its services included offering sewing courses at local primary schools and one-to-one sessions for budding dressmakers and home furnishers alike.

Vicky first met Anna more than 20 years ago when she made her wedding dress and later they reconnected in 2011 when Anna attended one of Vicky's sewing classes.

Anna has lived in the Stamford area all her life and is an ex-professional event rider, who has has competed at Burghley and for Great Britain.

Married to a local farmer, Anna has also bred horses and runs a property company with her sisters. Her spare time is consumed by creative projects including upholstery and dressmaking.

Vicky told Nub News: "We’ve collaborated on many creative projects over the years which has culminated in ‘Adventures in Applique’, combining my sewing skills and Anna’s upholstery knowledge and her eye for a bargain at auctions! We upcycle vintage taxidermy to create vibrant and contemporary pieces of art.

"Unlike other producers who use pre-made forms for their taxidermy, we take vintage stags and give them a new lease of life so each one is completely unique. We each have a serious ‘fabric habit’ so we have a wealth of gorgeous fabrics to delve into to create each piece.

"Always in need of some TLC, each stag is deep cleaned and wrapped in calico before being dressed in his chosen attire. This is hand stitched in place using needle fold appliqué with careful consideration of colours and textures, some flamboyant in style, colourful and mismatched while others a celebration of British tweed."

Vicky says the stags appeal to people looking for something unique when it comes to interiors and they become a real talking point.

She continued: "‘Adventures in Appliqué’ was the seed of an idea before the pandemic but with many of my classes cancelled and school clubs no longer running, we had the time to devote to our plan. Anna had been gradually acquiring ‘stags with potential’ so we also had the resources to start making our collection."

Looking ahead, Vicky added: "Our plans for future projects include furniture and children’s rocking horses, all to be given the same quirky treatment with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship."

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